You can go through it or you can grow through it.


I’m Olga Nadal.

Author, holistic divorce coach, founder of Divorce For Love, CEO of The Holistic Divorce Institute, podcast host of “Your Next Great Chapter” and mom of the two craziest humans I know.

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Divorce can be a complicated process, but it does not have to be so painful and overwhelming.

My methodology for a Holistic Divorce combines both the legal AND emotional approaches to help you navigate this transition with ease and grace. You too can have a divorce that empowers you instead of traumatizing you and your children.


Discover the secrets that can make all the difference in your divorce

“This masterclass is a must-watch for everyone going through divorce. It’s packed with vital information that nobody, even my lawyer, mentioned to me, and it could have saved me a ton of money and time.”
— Carine S.


The Holistic Divorce Institute is my answer to fulfill the increasing need for professional coaches to assist during the process that one in two marriages will inevitably have to navigate.

My purpose is to assure that if an individual is about to complete their marriage, they have access to the education, tools and skills to achieve a trauma free and low conflict divorce.

Our programs train and certify those who are passionate about changing the paradigm of traumatic divorces and end the shame cycle. If that is you, we want you in our team!


I know how it feels not knowing which direction to go when the conversation shifts from “we need to talk” to “we are getting a divorce”.

I spent years in “The Limbo of Divorce” stuck in overwhelm, utterly confused and in fear of making life changing mistakes. It was not until I hired my coach that I was able to move from paralyzing chaos to organized strategies.

Once I understood what the process entails and how to handle both the emotions and logistics I achieved an amicable, uncontested divorce that peacefully ended our 16 year marriage.

I have since then created “Divorce For Love” where I teach clients One on One and in group settings all the tools needed to have a Holistic Divorce. I describe my methodology in the book “The Holistic Divorce: A Ten Step Process For Healing” that you can order below. 


Whether your whole life needs a reboot or there is one area that you could do with a make-over, Your Next Great Chapter will give you the dose of inspiration and education to make long-lasting changes.


How does the Holistic Divorce Coaching process work?

All of my offerings are designed to create the mindset that will help you build resilience, courage, and strength while addressing the challenges before, during and after divorce. Even more importantly, my coaches and myself take pride in doing it in a way that is also creative, inspirational, and empowering. We will help you turn this challenge into a reclamation of the parts you left behind while you were in the partnership.

How much do your programs cost?

Divorce coaching programs range from $750 for a 6 week online group experience to the One of One programs that range between $1500 to $3000 depending on the length of the program you choose.

How long are your programs?

All of our coaching programs are online and they last for 6 weeks for the group programs (up to 12 people) and the One on One programs are 6, 8 and 12 weeks depending on your personalized needs.

What if I am not ready to divorce, just thinking about it?

This is the best time to talk to a divorce coach. Getting mentally prepared and fully educated about your options will make this decision so much more manageable.

What if I do not have any documents ready, can I sign up for Divorce Coaching?

It is best to work with a divorce coach before you sign anything or begin negotiations with your partner to avoid making costly mistakes. Get in touch for a Discovery Call and we will help you decide what is best for your particular situation.

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